Best and cheapest rate wordpress hosting and free domain 2021


If you want to earn online. So you will find many such mediums. Most of them do blogging. Earning lakhs of rupees from this. If you also want to start blogging. So you can work on Blogger. This is a product of Google itself. But you have to blogging on Advance label. So you have to start with 100% WordPress. Also you will need a few other things here. Like hosting and domain, these two things are very important for blogging. In this article, we will tell you about the best hosting domain company. So that you can get good hosting and domain miles at a low price.

What is Hosting?

Been following you on the internet for a long time. So you will know about the hosting enclosure. But those who do not know about hosting. Let me tell those people. That hosting means you buy a place above the internet. Which we call hosting. Through such hosting, we can store the data of the app.
(Example you click a photo or record a video in your phone. Then both these things are directly saved in the memory card of your phone. In the same way, hosting works to store data. And also your RAM of RAM. Hosting makes the server faster.) You want to do blogging. So you need to have hosting. Because you can start blogging by installing your WordPress on the hosting itself. You know that what is hosting. And where is the need for it?


What is Domain?

To run any website on the Internet, you will need a domain. How much hosting is required. That much domain is required. Both of these play a very important role for the website. A domain name is an address. (Example .com, .in, .online, .org, .info) for your website so that visitors can visit your website. There is no problem.

Best Hosting Company

You visit the Internet. So you must have seen many hosting companies. Whose ads keep coming. But I am going to tell you about Best and Cheap Price Hosting Compney. On which you can take hosting at low price. The name of the company is Hostinger. Here you can get Single Hosting for Rs 79. If you are a beginner for 1 month, then you can start from 79 rupees. Hostinger’s Premium Plan can add 100 websites for Rs 179. That too for a month, after this Business Plan 279 rupees, under this you can add 100 websites.

Why Use Hostinger For Hosting

Let me talk first. That hosting company is a lot. And she charges the hosting plan in her own way. But I like Hostinger Compney the best hosting. Because you can start your website by taking 1 Month Plan from Hostinger Company. Which is Rs 79. Also Hostinger Compney is very famous. From here you take the premium plan. So you get the domain for free for one year. Let me tell you for your information. That many famous bloggers use hosting for hosting only. And also earning lakhs of rupees.

How to earn money by selling hosting

You must have heard about Affiliate Marketing. In the same way, Hosting Compney runs its own Hosting Affiliate Program. Such Hostinger Company also runs its Affiliate Program. This company gets a commission of 60% on every sale. Also, whenever the buyer will renew the hosting. Then then you will get commission.
To start Hostinger Affiliate, you have to go to There you will get the option of Affiliate Program in the information section. Click on it. After that click on Access Affiliate Platform. After that you have to fill your datails full by signing up partner. After this you will get approval under 24 Hr. And you can sell hosting by generating Affiliate link of Hostinger from there.

How to Sell Affiliate ka Hostinger?

Hostinger’s Affiliate also provides you Hostinger Banner. Which you can do to come and sell Hosting. That’s what happened. Now comes the wick of the banner. Where to Sell Hosting? You can sell both free and paid ways to sell hosting. First of all, to sell hosting for free, you can do instagram on Facebook and Youtube. But you should have an account on all these. There should also be a follower as well. Another way is Paid Promotion. In which you can promote Affiliate Link of your Hostinger by investing money. You can also run ads in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google Search.

All the information related to hosting has been given to you. If you have any question then you can ask in comment box. thank you

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